The PMO (Project Management Office) brings focus to project management function at your organization. Each organization has unique culture and organizational influences. The question remains; what is the project management focus that your organization needs? We help you builds a customized PMO that fits your organizational needs.

Some functions of PMO includes: Portfolio Management, Project Health Check, Recovery of Troubled Projects, Project Manager Supports, and Single Project Data Repository etc.

Steps to setup a PMO

Create a PMO Charter. PMO Charter lists out the need for PMO function and it mandates the senior management to approve the need.
Create a PMO setup plan. It lists out what is the scope/what are the deliverables/day to day operations of PMO. It also details what is required to start a PMO and list out timeline for the PMO setup.

Other Documentations:

PMO Overview – This explains what is PMO, what is expected from the team, how it would organized etc., this is a presentation to the team during the programme kickoff stage.

PMO Templates – This just outlines what are the basic templates you would need to prepare like project charter, project approach, project reporting, project deliverable templates, Programme reporting template. If you need, then contact us.

PMO Governance – This detail out the organizational chart for the programme and also list out the roles and responsibilities of the each position. If you want template, contact us.

Programme Contacts – Here you are going to store the contact details of the people going to work in the programme. If you want template, contact us.

Programme change control process – This details out what are the steps in order to make change control process in effect. If you want template, contact us.

PMO Dashboard – This is where you are going to store your programme dashboard details for the senior management to see. If you want template, contact us.

Programme Glossary – This is where you are going to store the commonly used terms in the programme. If you want template, contact us.

In addition to that, there are various other documentation functions like

  • Work order tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Invoice / Receipt tracking
  • Programme reporting
  • Programme vacation planner
  • Programme meeting planner & terms reference
  • Programme/Project Schedule & Milestone tracking
  • Programme/Project Risk Exposure and Impact tracking Etc.

Project Management Software Implementation

The Set-up of PMO is not complete without recommending the right software tools and technologies

Your choice of software tools and technolologies depends on your Project Management Maturity and several other factors such as budgets, technologies already existing, integration challenges, PM Methodologies(If you have one), the ease of getting resources that will run the system, industry preference, interfaces and contract requirements etc. At Bizville Project Management Limited, we help you with making both the choice and implementing the tools and technologies.

We have strategic partnership with various renowned project management software vendors such as Oracle Inc, Microsoft Inc, Autodesk Inc, Deltek Inc, Aconex Inc, SAP Inc etc

We also help you with purchase, configuration, setting up security and admin privileges, integration with existing technologies and manpower development etc. for both cloud-based and on-premises PM Software deployment and in both stand alone and multi-user environment. Either the required tools or combination of tools would be prescribed after the client's requirement analysis session.

Project Management Support Services

Our team at Bizville Project Management Limited is open to take both remote and onsite works on contract/consulting basis. We have a team of qualified Project Planners and Project Control Professionals who are to support for:

  • Schedule Baseline Development
  • Schedule Update, Recovery and Revised Schedule
  • Delay/Claims Analysis
  • Progress Measurement System(PMS) and Reports
  • Schedule Integrity Check
  • Cost Estimation and Control
  • Risk Simulation and Management
  • Document Control
  • Planning/Project Control Procedures, Progress Measurement Procedures and Other Procedures
  • Project Execution Plan, BIM Execution Plan and Other Management Plans
  • Tender - Bid Packaging
  • CAD Development, Design Reviews and Building Information Modelling-BIM(2D, 3D, 4D & 5D) Management Etc.

If you want templates and solutions for all of these, please contact us.

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